DARTH team successfully passed the KYC by Audit Rate Tech

Apr 7, 2022


DARTH has passed KYC on behalf of Audit Rate Tech. The intents of DARTH team are not aimed at action regarding scam or any other financial wrongdoings


1. Assurance for Investors

Knowing the project team has been KYC’d, investors can have increased confidence in knowing any malicious actions by the team will result in their information being provide to law enforcement.

2. AML & Sanctions Compliance

Our robust verification process confirms if KYC’d individuals are on any Sanctions, Fitness Probity, or Politically Exposed Person lists.

3. Added Legitimacy

Project teams may proudly display our certification to decrease uncertianty around the team’s intentions. KYC’d teams are more likely to comply with any laws or regulations in their.

KYC Certificate: https://github.com/AuditRateTech/Smart-Contract-Audits/blob/main/DARTH_0xDA58e9fDC0545e96C6b1B5890778389A0ad0D5e6.pdf




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